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SmithWorks produces wood furniture components – cones, ellipses, cylinders, and  radius cubes – that can be used in a variety of finished products.


Table bases

Decorative columns


Store fixtures


Display units

Coffee tables


Museum and art exhibits


Our wood furniture components are:  


 Strong Four 18 inch diameter cylinders holding up 5,000 pounds
 Sizes ranging from 4” to 108” in diameter, and as tall as you need
 Dimension accuracy within 1/32 of an inch
 Design uniqueness based on all sizes and multiple combinations of components
 Cost effective
 Highly competitive production costs through use of advanced manufacturing tools and processes

We use advanced engineering, and specialized machinery and manufacturing processes that allow us to create precisely what you need.

Most of our products are made of MDF, which enables us to cost-effectively create strong components. In addition, we can use hardwoods, plywood, and multiple "green" materials, such as bamboo, kirie board, and Skyblend.

All of our products are ready for immediate finishing with laminates, veneers, or stain and lacquer. In addition, we can ship components finished to you specifications.


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